Dining Out For Life 2022 Promotion Video
Dining Out For Life is an annual fundraising event involving the generous participation of volunteers, corporate sponsors and restaurants. The concept is simple: Restaurants donate a generous percent of their sales to a local HIV service organization (in this case Project Open Hand), and the local HIV service organization fills participating restaurants with diners. I was tasked with creating a promotional video about Dining Out For Life to get restaurants pumped about participating in the fundraiser. 
In this video, I included restaurant testimonials that I filmed from the previous Dining Out For Life Event, a few animated graphics that I created in Adobe After Effects, and an outro piece that I filmed with my manager of our very own Executive Chef at Project Open Hand to lay down the details of the event.
Hand to Hand 2021 Fund a Need Video
This video was shown at the Fund A Need portion of our annual 2021 Hand to Hand fundraiser event. Hand to Hand is a gala/luncheon that we (Project Open Hand) host to celebrate our major donors and accomplishments in the year. Towards the end of the event, after all the awardee ceremonies, the luncheon and speeches, we hold our "Fund A Need" segment, a live fundraiser to raise funds for our programs and services at our nonprofit. The video was meant to instill a sense of inspiration to donate. I created this video with clips of interviews with Project Open Hand clients and an interview I filmed with our Chief Executive Officer, Paul Hepfer. 
Shining Our Light in the Tenderloin
In March 2020, Project Open Hand lit up its very first neon sign on our historical building at 730 Polk Street, San Francisco. I was tasked with the project of creating a video that highlighted the ceremony that took place to celebrate our accomplishment of putting up a sign to symbolize our significance in our community. This was my first video project during my time as an intern at Project Open Hand. 
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