'Mental Health in May'
A Mental Health Awareness Month Campaign

The intent of this project was to create an instagram campaign for Mental Health Awareness Month to encourage college students following the Health Promotion & Wellness Instagram (@sfstatecares) to engage in practicing mental health awareness, especially since the month of May 2020 was the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The project consisted of creating four weekly posts that are either educational, engaging, or encouraging in regards to the topic of mental health. I worked closely with the Mental Health Director to ensure that all information was accurate and fed into the needs that she recognized as important in the college students she works with.

Instagram Post Designs
1st Post - May 8th - Happy Mental Health Awareness Month:
Educating Students about Mental Health, Mental Illness and Positive Psychology

2nd Post - Monday, May 11 - 10 Activities for Your Mental Health:
Encouraging Students to Engage in Activities to Boost Mental Health
3rd Post: May 18th - Mental Health Bag
Providing students with ideas on how they can quickly and easily incorporate a healthier lifestyle on the daily. 
4th Post - May 26th - Rewarding Your Progress With Mental Health
Providing students with encouragement during their journey with mental health. 
Instagram Engagement Analytics
Post 1: Mental Health Awareness Month
133 likes, 19 shares, 11 saves, 25 profile visits, 1105 accounts reached
Post 2: 10 Activities
79 likes, 1 comment, 15 shares, 13 saves, 4 profile visits, 1150 accounts reached
Post 3: Mental Health Bag 
115 likes, 2 comments, 10 shares, 15 saves, 15 profile visits, 1218 accounts reached
Post 4: Rewarding Progress
58 likes, 8 shares, 3 saves, 8 profile visits, 898 accounts reached
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