For this project, I was assigned to create a layout for an existing magazine with my choice of any article. This layout design and article should be consistent with the already existing "brand identity" of a magazine company. This includes all the nitty gritty details: dimensions, stroke weights, icons, tracking, etc. I decided to create a layout for the magazine "The Mindfulness Journal" with the article "Only Disconnect" from The New Yorker. 
Final Magazine Layout Design
Beginning Iterations of the layout design with placeholder images
Experimenting with Photography
Here are a series of photos I photographed and experimented with during the stages of development for my layout design. The purpose of the photos was to evoke a sense of curiosity about the subject that was photographed. The article is about boredom and learning how to find bliss in the ordinary, so I decided to photograph ordinary objects in a style that made the reader find that object more compelling than they typically would.
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