2021 Hand to Hand Gala
What is Hand to Hand? 
Hand to Hand is Project Open Hand's largest annual fundraiser gala. The event is held to honor major donors and recognize Project Open Hand's greatest accomplishments in the year. It takes place as a luncheon at the Fairmont, San Francisco.
What was my role in this event? 
As the graphic designer, my role was to create the branding identity of this event along with all required digital and printed materials. 
1. Beginning Design Stages 
I began my design process with designing the logo for this event. The theme of this event was "Connection" and Hand to Hand is a formal event with a touch of elegance to it. These themes served as  guides to the careful design choices I made in my first iterations. 
2. Sketches/ First Iterations
I gravitated towards use of intricate line work in my first iterations to hit on the theme of connection. When I think of connection I think of "intersection", "bridging" and "reaching out". The geometric shapes allowed me to create a more modern and sleek feel to the event as it is meant to celebrate the year of 2022 as well as the start of a new year. 
3. Final Logo Design
After several rounds of mockups, this design was chosen as it captured the elegant nature of the event along with the theme of connection through the use of the connecting lines in the letters N & H. This final color palette was chosen to reflect on the holiday season and the sans serif font was chosen to create a clean and sleek to signify the formality of the event. 
4. Creating Branding Guidelines
With the logo established, next in line of creation was the branding guidelines. This allowed me to have a guide to refer to when creating other digital and printed assets for the event. 
5. Building Out Printed & Digital Collateral/Assets
I was given the task of designing a program, signage, social media posts, and production value (lower thirds, & title pages) for this event while staying in line with the newly created brand. 
The designs of all collateral were to reflect the design of the logo as well as expand on the theme of connection. This was accomplished with the use of recurring & intersecting blue lines throughout the collateral pieces. Pictured below is a beginning mockup of the program.
6. Finalizing all Printed & Digital Material
This was a hybrid event with participants attending in person as well as watching a live feed of the event from home. For the virtual part of event and the large display screens for in-person viewers, lower thirds were needed for all speakers that were taking stage. This included Renel Brooks-Moon, the emcee (known for being the voice of the San Francisco Giants), Franco Finn, the auctioneer (known for being the voice of the San Francisco Warriors), a few political members including Mayor London Breed and Scott Wiener and more. 
Pictured below is the final program layout as well as print outs of the collateral and images from the event. 
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